AirLab | Carnegie Mellon University

Autonomous Mission Execution for Teams of Reconnaissance UAVs | 2021 - Present

  • Developing autonomy algorithms to search for and track targets at sea
  • Testing on fixed-wing platforms with the Office of Naval Research

Safe and Seamless Operation of Manned and Unmanned Aircraft in Shared Airspace | 2020 - Present

  • Long-range aircraft detection and tracking strategies using a monocular camera
  • Constructing real-world dataset spanning many months of small aircraft at airports
  • Predicting future trajectories of aircraft using Graph Attention Networks

Estimating Urban Wind Fields Using UAV-Based Measurements | 2020

  • Through real-world experiments we proved our method accurately estimates wind inlet conditions using the wind measurements from a flying UAV.
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Goods Delivery Energy Productivity | 2019 - Present

  • Evaluating the impact of autonomous robots on the energy productivity of package delivery
  • Energy-based flight risk assessment for multirotor UAVs
  • Learning and validating energy models for autonomous robots
  • Learning motion primitives for a UAV to fly in windy urban environments

MAGICC Lab | Brigham Young University

UAV Gesture Commands | 2018-19

  • Designed and trained a model to classify ten gestures with an accuracy of 95% using accelerometer and gyroscope measurements.
  • Designed and tested intuitive gestures and behaviors for natural directing of a fleet of UAVs
  • ICUAS 2019 | SN Applied Sciences 2021

Multi-Mission Project | 2017-19

  • Developed a search algorithm for cooperating UAVs which maximizes area knowledge and the number of tracked targets using Gaussian process regressions
  • Implemented a Gaussian Mixture Model Kalman filter for more accurate target tracking with heterogeneous sensors
  • ICUAS 2018

Personal Projects

AUVSI Student Unmanned Aerial Systems Competition

  • Developed a robust RRT path planner for the AUVSI SUAS competition. This planner avoided obstacles while minimizing the waypoint capture error through ensuring long straight paths through waypoints.
  • Also fabricated and repaired fixed-wing UAVs, created an image distortion correction program for letter and shape recognition, and many other tasks over the three years on the team.

Autopilot Implementation

  • Implemented the autopilot from Small Unmanned Aircraft: Theory and Practice in Python. This includes controllers, estimators, a path planner, and a path manager.

Twitter Bot

  • Built a bot that tweets the daily average sentiment score of all tweets that mention the US President.

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